Skillset for Emerging jobs as per LinkedIn report


Based on the linkedin survey, following are the emerging roles

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Linkedin Emerging Jobs

Blockchain developer

Blockchain is new technology that promises to enhance the efficiency of Finance Domain. A Blockchain developer is involved in design and development of Blockchain based solutions. A key element of this role to work on the blockchain protocols. And developer web applications, enterprise application powered by blockchain.

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AI specialist

AI Speciliast deals with programming computers to think like Humans. The role also needs one to build hypothesis and test it. The AI specialist is expected to understand the Business environment and use AI to enhance the business offering and efficiency.

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Javascript developer

Javascript is leading the way modern web apps are developed. Javascript can be used to develop front-end and back-end of web applications. A Javascript developer is expected to leverage Javascript to design and develop web applications.

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Robotic Process Automation

Automation is on the agenda of every business to drive efficiency. A RPA consultant helps the organizations to implement Robotic Process Automation using various Automation tools and techniques.

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Back end developer

The Backend developer deals with designing and developing the core of a Web App. A backend developer uses programming language like PHP, Python, Java. Knowledge of connecting to database like Mysql, sql, mongoDB is expected. Understanding of APIs is very valued.

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Site reliability Engineer

Site Reliability engineering is a discpline that aims to use engineering to manage systems operations. A profressional with Network and System experience with interest in programming is perfect fit for this role. The role involves automating, analyzing systems to ensure the Operations are running smooth. The typical responsbility areas are ensuring system availability, managing latency, tracking performance, ensuring efficiency, change management, system monitoring, emergency response, and capacity planning.

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Full stack web developer

Full stack web developers are the preferred by recruiters as they can handle all the aspects of the Web Development. A full stack developer is expected to work on front-end, back-end and design aspects of the web application.

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Robotics Engineer

Robotics Engineer deals with build, design, development and testing of robotic systems. It could involve programming the robotic system using Python, C++ or programming language of specific robotic system. Understanding of hardware like Aurdino, Rasberry Pi, Sensoris is expected.

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Cybersecurity specialist

Cybersecurity specialist deals with securing the Digital assets of the organizations. Cybersecurity specliast is a broad term that comprises of roles like Penetration Tester, Security Operations specialist, Forensics Expert and so on.

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Python developer

Python Developer deals with developing web applications using Python programming language. Django is one of the most widely used framework for web development using Python. Knowledge of all the aspects of web development is expected.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing specialist is responsible to drive the Marketing effort of the organization in the Digital world. The professional is expected to design campaigns, perfome SEO checks, measure coversion rates. Understand terms like PPC. Use tools like Google Analytics, Adwords etc. Perform Social media management. Handle email Marketing.

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Front end developer

The front end engineer implements web design using technologies like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript etc. The front end engineer works in close co-ordination with web designers and back end developers.

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