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Angular JS training course

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  AngularJS Training Course   

  AngularJS is a JavaScript framework, a client-side technology that embraces and extends HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is developed by Google for the front-end development. This is a framework that is used by many web developers who use HTML as a template language. This JavaScript framework allows you to extend the HTML’s syntax to explain the components of an application clearly. It is becoming popular because data binding and dependency injection eliminate the code which you would have to write

Web Development   

♦ To become familiar with Angular JS framework
♦ Understand basic functionality of Web development
♦ Achieve faster time to market and upgrade the knowledge which IT industry requires
♦ Design and development client and server side code

  Prior Education :  BE,MCS,MCA,BCA,Working Professional

  Prior Experience :  None

  Min Age :  None

  Max Age :  None

  • HTML
  • CPP Or Java Or PHP

♦ We are having the finest AngularJS Training Course syllabus which introduces the basics of AngulaJS, versions of angular and angular 6A many more concepts in depth
♦ ITPreneur always ready to pioneer technical knowledge as well as soft skills, personality development of our trainee
♦ The trainee is under the guidance of our experienced staff who are IT industry experts

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