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Through our constant flow of pre-qualified leads that have better conversion rate.

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Manage Your Business efficiently

Through our Business management solution focussed only on the requirments of Training Business like yours.

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ThinkCerti is your virtual assistant. Leverage our Platform and take your business to the next level.


Better Lead conversion

The leads we send you have been educated about the Job opportunities and the skills required for the jobs. And then they have decided to join a course. In short, we have pre-qualified the leads for you so that you get better leads and the lead conversion rate is better.


Never miss a lead and never miss a Business Opportunity

You can easily manage the life cycle of every lead that you get in our solution. Be it walk-in leads, be it leads from your social media or leads from others. You can manage them all from a single view.


Placement and Interview tracker

We understand the significance of placements for your Business. And hence we offer Placement tracking module. By using our solution, you can easily track and manage the internal and external interviews of the students.


Provide next gen e-learning experience

By using our solution, you can offer online test to the students. They can track their Course progression online. You can create assignments online. You can release class notes online. In short, compliment your quality training with our solution to offer next gen e-learning experience to your students.


Get Business from Demo classes

You can popularize your Demo classes easily using our Platform. Our algorithm will automatically showcase your Demo classes to relevant students based on their Skill set and learning goals. Let Demo Classes generate new Business for you.


Make the most of Alumni data

Your Alumni are your best Brand ambassadors. Manage your Alumni network using our solution and generate new Business efficiently.


Show off your Training expertise

We offer you a unique opportunity to Market your brand using our Quiz option. Create short quizzes for your courses and let the interested students learn with fun.