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About ThinkCerti

ThinkCerti is an ecosystem that aggregates Career related content like Skills, Jobs, Events, Tips and Tricks, How-to articles etc. and so is the place the Job Seekers visit when they think of acquiring a new skill(s).

How ThinkCerti helps the JobSeekers

We help Job Seekers in learning new Skills by using out 3 level based approach shown below


Of the training Institutes and their courses, the in-demand skills

Context creation

Display the aggregated Course content such that the Job Seekers can easily analyze and take a decision.


A Career roadmap personalized for you based on your skills and experience and what skills are trending in the Job Market

How ThinkCerti helps your Training Institute grow

ThinkCerti is the "Virtual Assistant" for Training Service Providers.
Our Training Service provider partners grow their business by leveraging our solutions for

  • Generating New Business
  • Deriving Operational Efficiency
  • Better ROI for Marketing
  • Better Customer Experience

Our Mission

We believe a Fulfilling Career plays a significant role in having a Fulfilling life.
Hence we want to Build and be the ecosystem of Career related content to help People make the best of their skills and abilities to achieve their Career aspirations.

Our Vision

Build an ecosystem to aggregate everything around Career guidance like Skills, Jobs, Events, How-to articles, Tips Tricks and leverage the power of Analytics and Crowdsourcing to Career guidance aligned with the Career aspiration of the Individual.