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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ThinkCerti?

ThinkCerti is an Artificial Intelligence driven job oriented Skills Discovery platform. We aim to help the Job seekers excel in their Career and/or avoid job loss. We make it easy for the job seeker to choose the right Learning path and thus make the right Career move.

Why ThinkCerti?

Due to rapid technological changes, finding rightly skilled resources is a challenge for Organizations. And getting right skills is a challenge for the job seekers. We aim to be the go-to-platform for all the needs of Reskilling/UpSkilling. We act as a bridge between the Skills demand in the job Market and the current skills set of the Job seekers.

How does ThinkCerti work?

We aggregate Skills data from public domain and create Skill set buckets. We then provide personalized Skills gap recommendation to the job seekers. Our recommendation is personalized based on the current skills set of the job seeker and the area of interest.

How can ThinkCerti help me?

We can help you find answers to your Career related question like,

What should I learn to get a job?
I am already working and have some IT skills, what should I do for Career growth?
I keep hearing words like Data Science, BigData etc. What are these and how do I make a Career in them?
You want to make a Career in particular domain and are wondering how do I do it?
What are the skills required?

Which Job Domain are covered by ThinkCerti?

Right now, we are focussed in the IT industry and Digital Marketing. We aim to venture into areas domains like Auto manufacturing, Financial Technology soon.

What should I do get Career recommendation?

You simply need to let us know 2 basic things. a. Your Current skills b.b Your area of intest. And based on this our algorithm will recommend you the job opportunities and the skill set for each job opportunity.

From where do ThinkCerti get data to provide Career Recommendation

We aggregate jobs data available in public domain over the Internet.

ThinkCerti is showing certain skill for a particular role which are not aligning with the skillset of mine or my friend though we are in the same role

The skillset for each role could vary across organizations based on their specific needs. We show you a generalized skill set based on the aggregation of jobs data from multiple organizations. Hence you might see certain skills which are recommended by us but are not used by you are your friend. Our aim to provide you guidance so that you could plan your Career.

Why should I choose ThinkCerti over Internet blogs or other content?

At ThinkCerti, we aim to help you make the Right Career move and so we uniquely bring together - Job Roles, their Associated Skill set and Recommeded Courses. In simple words, we add a layer of intelligence on top of the information available on Interent so that you could make a better decision about your Career faster.